Dide Sevinçok


Group Exhibition ︎ Individual Parts ︎︎︎ Extractors: Speculative Products + Manifesto on a Cloth

We approach the “metaverse” as a case study of a future commodity of extreme abstraction
and invasiveness. We speculate on the utility of it and the actual motives of its gatekeepers.
The goal of the group is to offe a counter proposal, based on disobedience and grassroots
communal decision-making.

I personally worked with 3D modelling and printing, laser cut and textile painting.
Variation of the product are selected by considering the present products and their
advertisements. Exaggeration and making fun were the elements to design the products. 



Even though the product missions are different, their over-simplified shapes, white colour, plastic material
and clean finishings speculate the meta market, and questioning the soul and functions in products.

extractor 1.
sun cream
250 SPF+
escape from the sun’s radiation with the ultimate protection; pocket size and easy usage

extractor 2.
eye serum
for long term VR usage, open the lid easily and apply it directly into your eyes after 72 hours

extractor 3.
blood circulator
use it in extended sitting circumstances in VR: it will help with the smooth flow of oxygen and nutrients in your body

extractor 4.
fresh soil box
place the soil inside and store it somewhere you can see and smell; remember to go out and refill it once a year

extractor 5.
place it in your mouth in one piece; plastic-like smooth texture will help with swollowing quickly; allows you to enjoy the rest of the day