PLANT PAL                         

 Individual Project ︎ Interactive + Hybrid Learning Communities


PlantPal is a smart wearable plant tracking and sensor device kit that enables children
to understand the language of plants by receiving responses from them. The tracker has
four signs such as light, water, mineral, and temperatur which convey the needs of the plant
by  connecting with the sensor.

Research + Possible Solutions

of student prefer
face to face education

of students wants
to a transformation
in the process and participatory education

The knowledge of raising
a plant and understanding
its needs

Having continous observation and implementing the knowledge of nature

Transferring the generational knowledge about how to take care of a plant 

Usage Scenario

Community Cycle

The system creates networks and information pools about the plant world both
in physical an online platforms in the field of education. Building communities and
reviving the old generational knowledg of plants in the collective and individual
learning atmosphere lead to sustainable plant chains on a local and wider scale.

App Design

When the cap opens, the signals are sent to the app as a plant’s message is seen from it’s plant carer.

The necklace strap locks inside of the cap with the help of size difference

The cap stops with the inner and outer relation

It opens and closes with the ease of magnets

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